19 May 2014

Uganda breaks record as more than 1 million airline passengers flock Entebbe International

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Information obtained this week while within Kenya reveals an additional rise in the number of passengers for Entebbe International Airport in 2013, with numbers for the very first time reaching beyond the 1 million mark with a total of 1,025,391 in comparison to the 964,274 figure a year ago. The numbers of Domestic passenger almost doubled, the very first time in more than ten years that numbers have gone up again following a continued decline in the local passengers. The number in 2013 reached 21,448, rising from only 13,464

These amazing numbers were presented by the CEO of the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority Dr. Rama Makuza to the 9th Joint Transport Sector Review at the start of week in the capital city Kampala.

In addition the aircraft movements generally increased from 22,370 to an amazing 23,091 showing that the flight numbers had as well risen besides the airlines switching to bigger aircraft to handle the increasing number of frequent flights.

Within Kampala, other than access to the Entebbe international airport, a brand-new four lane highway is undergoing construction to reduce on the traffic delays and even make use of the Mission Aviation Fellowship that is owned by the Kajjansi airfield, which is situated only 15 kilometers from the city center, which is as well the home base of Ndege Juu as well as Kampala Aero Club. This is the the base from which Aero Club runs its domestic charter as well as scheduled coach services, whereas Aerolink, a sister-company to Kenya’s Air Kenya, runs its domestic flights plus charters from the country’s main international airport found at Entebbe.