02 May 2014

Special first flight for 16th destination of RwandAir

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On Sunday, the official launch of the 16th destination of RwandAir was held, as soon as a B737-800NG set off from Kigali for Douala found in Cameroon. Whilst commercial flights are already ongoing since end of the month of March, a flight to officially celebrate the brand-new connection was scheduled for 27th April. The CEO of the airline’s Mr. John Mirenge, was also on board along with dignitaries from the Rwandan government, senior airline managers, a number of people from the business community of Rwanda, as well as media agents.

Mr. Mirenge used that opportunity to publicize that RwandAir will later-on this present year also begin flights into Abidjan while looking at Mumbai as its prospect destination beyond Africa right after Dubai.

Douala is the fifth destination of RwandAir in West Africa following Accra, Brazzaville, Lagos plus Libreville a signal of the airline’s intention to turn into a carrier preferred by African travelers traveling from Eastern to Western as well as from Southern to Eastern. Convenient visa laws have enabled RwandAir to penetrate into the West African niche, since no transit visa is needed from passengers traveling to Kigali into the other countries in the network, plus a visa for guests from the African Union member countries is made on arrival.

Fully owned by the government of Rwanda, RwandAir has been spreading its wings and acquired a fleet of brand-new Boeing and Bombardier aircraft over the past two years, with more firm purchase orders expected to be confirmed soon, according to a regular source from Kigali.

At the same time, Rwanda is preparing for the Tenth anniversary of Kwita Izina, the top profile and leading present gorilla-naming festival that will this year end with the naming of the newborn gorilla babies on the 21st of June. Information on the one week celebrations, devoted to not only conservation of the cherished mountain gorillas along with habitat inside the Virunga volcanoes but a broader array of conservation related concerns, is expected to be launched in the near future by the Tourism and Conservation Department of the Rwanda Development Board.