Travel Tips

If there is any possibility that you’ll want to drive or even hire a car while in Rwanda,  prepare an intercontinental driving permit (through any of the prominent driving associations in your country  where you are allowed to drive;  you might be asked to show this together with your original driving permit. occasionally you may be required to show a health certificate revealing you have taken yellow-fever shot especially at the boarders.

How best to Keep your important Personal documents and information on a Safari

For safety purposes, it’s advisable write all you important information on a piece of clean paper, make copies of it, and put these your different bags, or within the money-belt, as well as leave some copies with some of your close family members or well trusted friends back at home. Some of the information that you would want to write on this paper are: traveler’s cheque numbers together with the refund information, information on travel insurance, in addition to round the clock emergency passport number, phone numbers as well as an address number. Information on friends as well as relatives to be contacted in case of any emergency, credit card plus bank information, camera plus its lens serial numbers, in addition to any other information that you may find important. You may as well want to e-mail this information to your email address before departure so that you can actually access it even when on safari. It’s as well useful to take a photo of your travel bags to save time from attempting to illustrate how it looks like in case it gets misplaced at the airport.


Rwanda has a great cell-phone network that covers nearly the whole country. In addition, you can as well easily make intercontinental phone calls from here. SIM cards for the different telephone network are easily available throughout the country, even in distant towns, and in addition cell phones may be bought or even rented from the top shops within the capital Kigali. The majority of the towns will have a number of computer centers plus Internet cafes.

Languages Spoken in Rwanda

Apart from the local Kinyarwanda language, English as well as French are used as official languages. However, French is extensively spoken all through the country. Within the capital as well as within other tourist centers several people also speak English.

Getting Around Rwanda

Perhaps Rwanda possesses the finest roads in the whole of East Africa. The majority of visitors who have actually booked tours or safaris through our tour company will certainly be offered with great private vehicles, normally Four Wheel Drive. Each and every one of the major centre is connected to a local yet high end bus services. The Air charter services can similarly be accessed throughout Rwanda.

Hiking and Biking

The good road network having less traffic, provides great chances for lengthy bicycle trips over the green well terraced hills and down through the valleys. Hiking as well as Mountain biking may be enjoyed on the several thousand kilometers of great country trails joining remote villages, throughout the whole country.

Rwanda Money | Forex Exchange in Rwanda | Credit Cards

In general you will find three ways to carry your money; as hard cash, credit cards or travelers’ cheques. However, credit cards are currently not extensively used in the country. Exceptionally in this country, Master Cards are more broadly acceptable compared to Visa (actually, the Visa stickers you will find outside several hotels refer to those cards locally issued in the country).
However, the use of the Master Card is used in a number of high end hotels within Kigali as well as in a few places on the exterior of the capital. In case you are anticipating using your credit card, then we recommend that you check for the type of cards that your hotel accepts at the time of booking your accommodation. Another important aspect worth writing about is that the headquarters of ORTPN found in Kigali as well accepts the MasterCard although not Visa.

It is possible to withdraw up to €2,500 daily (or the equivalence in Rwanda Francs or any other hard cash currency) against your Visa or MasterCard in Bancor on Ave de la Piax within Kigali. It is actually an extremely simple process, nonetheless be remember that it is based on the bank having access to a particular internet site – in case the electricity is not on, or the computer-system is down or the network server or even the website itself id down, then this particular service won’t be available so you might have to wait for a day or two until the service is on and running well.
Regarding travelers’ cheques (better if they are either in US dollars or in euros) – yet again, these can theoretically be cashed up to US$200 daily at Banque Commercial du Rwanda (BCR) as well as in several other banks within the capital Kigali, nonetheless in practice this might come separately, or be rather a slow process. You will get a worse exchange rate for your travelers’ cheque than for your hard cash. As you cashing them, it is important that you always show the sales information slip that you acquired on obtaining them; and it is that slip which people are never allowed to keep close to the travelers’ cheques!

The much preferred foreign currencies in Rwanda are dollars plus euros, nonetheless each of the main currencies should be exchangeable, whether within the banks or forex bureau. The authorized forex bureaus are well branded along the streets and have the same facilities. The ‘private’ forex bureaus have smaller offices and these can offers a somewhat better exchange rate in comparison to banks.
In Rwanda you can use the Western Union services to send or receive money from or to others across the globe. These services can be obtained in Kigali as well as within the other large cities.

Rwanda Safety Health Information

Rwanda isn’t an unhealthy country for tourists and for that reason you will actually at all times have medical assistance readily available. The big towns all have hospitals and each town regardless of its size has a pharmacy where you can always pick some medicine.
Beyond Kigali, Rwanda possesses over 34 district hospitals plus over 380 health centers across the country.
The overall of HIV/AIDS cases in the country is approximately 14% however we greatly recommend that you take good care while in the country ad always use protection.

Malaria Prevention

Malaria is truly the leading health hazard to most visitors in Rwanda, although it is less prevalent here compared to other African countries.
There isn’t any vaccine against this malaria; nonetheless by using the prophylactic drugs together with using a number of methods of preventing mosquito-bites such as use of mosquito nets will greatly minimize the risk of acquiring it. Please Go for medical checkup before traveling to Rwanda and if need be take some anti-Malaria drugs although it is not mandatory to take this.
By wearing long sleeved blouses/ shirts and trousers or long dresses / skirts at night will actually reduce the risk of mosquito bites; however we recommend that you also carry mosquito repellents.