05 Aug 2014

Rwanda Tourism Stakeholders Convey Thanks for Lion Pride

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Lion-PrideToday, With all the necessary logistics put in place in Akagera National Park found in Rwanda managed by African Parks, the coming month Eight lions from the Republic of Kenya are going to make their way into “Land of a thousand hills,” – Rwanda to restore the world of the Lion ‘King of the Jungle’.

Previously, local lion populations within and in the areas encompassing Akagera were erased by cattle keepers trying to safeguard their livestock together with villagers scared of raids, frequently using poison, imposing a harsh death on these big cats.

African Parks has improved the electric fence through adding on its height as well as adding a bottom element to ensure that the lions will not be able to leap over the fence or try to crawl below it.

The comeback of these lions the following month will offer tourists with the extra attraction of being in position to see at least 4 of the big 5 with just the rhino missing from the listing.

Local stakeholders within the tourism industry in the capital of Rwanda Kigali conveyed their thanks that the government of Kenya which has authorized the Kenya Wildlife Service to deliver a pride of lions into Rwanda. They attributing this to the strong and friendly relationships between these two countries, that along with Uganda a year ago formed the “Coalition of the Willing” joined by common goals to enhance infrastructure, boost trade, as well as collaborate closely on several other sectors such as security cooperation.