10 Jun 2014

Rwanda to unveil new Tourism Product – the Genocide Museum

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Info emerging from Kigali is that 4th July will be celebrated with the launching of a brand-new museum situated at the national parliament within Kigali-Rwanda. This date will mark the 20th anniversary since the brutal genocide.

Genocide-monumentEver before, a monument was found on top of the building that continues to exhibit bullet holes from the last days of the freedom battle in 1994. This monument shows two Rwanda Patriotic Army soldiers holding a huge machine gun that was used to initially contain and after that push away efforts by the genocide army belonging to the killer regime to re-take that part of Kigali.

In addition on account of being launched later on is an intended Liberation Museum that will be constructed surrounding the ex- RPA command center close to Mulindi. This structure was in use during the time of liberation struggle from 1990 to1994. The two facilities will be part of the current Rwanda Genocide Memorial found in Kigali that has proven itself as one of the ‘must-visit’ destinations for foreign tourists to this country when in the capital Kigali.

Each year, Rwanda honors the One hundred days of that genocide between the months of April and July, in which almost one million innocent people lost their lives in the most brutal ways, as reported at the national Genocide Memorial as well as other memorial sites in the country.

Genocide militias as well as survivors from the previous army regime are up to now hiding across the national boundaries in Eastern Congo and present an obvious danger to the brand-new Rwanda that has acquired shape and developed like a Tempe from the ruins of 1994. These run-away militias have, despite of the promises on the contrary, not encountered any military action by the national army of Congo or the peace-keeping forces of the UN which are deployed there, indicating an unholy coalition between the UN, the Kinshasa regime as well as the killer militias. These are obviously left not bothered to walk in areas they control where they allegedly maintain mines by using slave labor beneath the eyes of UN forces and carry on staging attempts to enter Rwandan defenses across the national boundary.

One of our regular source in Kigali said that Rwanda can simply rely on itself and a number of friendly neighbors to make sure they uphold their security. UN has been inside Eastern Congo for many years, and other than accusing Rwanda of all kinds of things they haven’t done anything to control and get rid of the greatest threat to the regional security within the Great Lakes area – the FDLR. The faults of 1994, as the UN forces were taken out from Rwanda to permit the genocide take place with virtually no opposition besides from RPA, are carried on by the existing UN policy of allowing these murder militias carry on and threaten Rwanda. for that reason, nobody should be surprised that the people of Rwanda claim their right to self-defense, and in case their President used powerful words just recently, the fact of those is obvious – those attempting to disturb the country or cause any trouble will face tremendous force and must pay the cost of their continuing warmongering.