Rwanda Tourism Stakeholders Convey Thanks for Lion Pride

Today, With all the necessary logistics put in place in Akagera National Park found in Rwanda managed by African Parks, the coming month Eight lions from the Republic of Kenya are going to make their way into “Land of a thousand hills,” – Rwanda to restore the world of the Lion ‘King of the Jungle’… read more →

Rwanda International Trade fair draws in record volume of exhibitors

The Seventeenth edition of the Rwanda International Trade Show Prepared by the Private Sector Federation of Rwanda starts tomorrow in Gikondo Expo Grounds found in the capital Kigali. Starting 23rd July to 6th August, more than three hundred and thirty exhibitors coming from fifteen nations are going to showcase their products as well as display.. read more →

Gorilla Naming Ceremony Raises Rwanda Tourism Profile

Tourism through the popular baby gorilla naming ceremony locally referred Kwita Izina which was launched Ten years back is playing a big role in improving the tourism profile of the Republic of Rwanda. the RDB conservation division manager Telesphore Ngoga said while launching the gorilla conservation & community exhibition ceremony of this year which began.. read more →

Tourism Experts Caution of Job Cuts

Experts in the tourism industry of Uganda say several Ugandans could lose their jobs due to the newly introduced 18% Value Added Tax which the government has planned to put on all tourist accommodations found upcountry. Maria Kiwanuka the Finance Minister, in trying to look for funds to fund the 14 trillion Uganda Shillings budget,.. read more →

Ugandan Tourism Stakeholders Object intended VAT

Following the reading of the Uganda budget in parliament earlier this very month, there were immediate protests as well as oppositions raised by different stakeholders in the tourism industry, however it took until just a day ago before the tourism trade associations prepared their response concerning the intentions of the government to add as much.. read more →

Discover’s Uganda’s Shoebill Stork – The Statue Bird

The Shoebill birds mostly known for their habit of staying motionless for very long time in the same place; which makes it appear like a statue. Unfortunately these are reducing in number since people are changing their habitats -the swamp into residential or farmland, and also because fish that eats their food has been introduced.. read more →

Rwanda to unveil new Tourism Product – the Genocide Museum

Info emerging from Kigali is that 4th July will be celebrated with the launching of a brand-new museum situated at the national parliament within Kigali-Rwanda. This date will mark the 20th anniversary since the brutal genocide. Ever before, a monument was found on top of the building that continues to exhibit bullet holes from the.. read more →

Uganda breaks record as more than 1 million airline passengers flock Entebbe International

Information obtained this week while within Kenya reveals an additional rise in the number of passengers for Entebbe International Airport in 2013, with numbers for the very first time reaching beyond the 1 million mark with a total of 1,025,391 in comparison to the 964,274 figure a year ago. The numbers of Domestic passenger almost.. read more →

Rwanda focuses on investors at the Africa economic forum

President of Rwanda Mr. Paul Kagame is within Nigeria to take part in the World Economic Forum about Africa during which officials from Rwanda are expected to promote the business environment of the country as well as connect it to prospective investors. Attendees at the on-going World Economic Forum for Africa will as well talk.. read more →

Special first flight for 16th destination of RwandAir

On Sunday, the official launch of the 16th destination of RwandAir was held, as soon as a B737-800NG set off from Kigali for Douala found in Cameroon. Whilst commercial flights are already ongoing since end of the month of March, a flight to officially celebrate the brand-new connection was scheduled for 27th April. The CEO.. read more →